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Travel Health

For information about travel advice and vaccinations from the practice click here.

Comprehensive and reliable advice is available online at,

The practice does not provide general travel advice, we can provide a copy of the immunisations we hold on record upon request – please remember to update us if you have had any done privately.

The practice will continue to provide all vaccinations for travelling that are free on the NHS as necessary:
Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio (combined as DTP): combined in one injection updated every 10 years or as needed
Hepatitis A: 2 Doses, 2nd dose after 6-12 months which will then cover you for 25 years
Cholera (Note, most people do not need this): 2 doses, 1-6 weeks apart, providing protection for up to 2 years
MMR: 2 doses, at least 1 month apart (adults)
Typhoid: provides protection for 3 years.

For more information, please read this document:
Travel Imms Guidance – July 2018

Date published: 4th June, 2020
Date last updated: 8th June, 2020