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HOSMS Mental Health Team

The PCN Mental Health Team aims to promote positive mental health and to support individuals to move from surviving to thriving, using a goal setting approach to help you feel in control of your own health and wellbeing. The service will explore your mental health, general health, wellbeing, lifestyle factors and any barriers that may be preventing you from moving forward in your health and wellbeing journey.

Throughout the past 12 months in particular we recognise that many people may be struggling for a number of different reasons, redundancy, illness, financial issues, housing, relationships, the loss of a loved one and so much more can impact our wellbeing. The PCN Mental Health team can support you with any of these concerns and assist you to help find the best support for your unique situation. 

The service is available to patients of the HOSMs PCN practices. Currently patients can be referred to the service via a clinician at their own practice. 

Group Coaching – Healthy Choices: Your Plate and Beyond

Do you know what you should be doing to support your health but struggling to put it into place?

Would you like some tools to transform your relationship with food and self image?

This 6 week in-person interactive workshop, open to patients registered at Honiton, Sidmouth and Ottery St Mary surgeries. Sessions look at barriers and blocks that you may face to support your health, particularly long-term conditions that also involves changes to diet and provide you with the tools to support yourself.

Using a goal setting approach, the sessions will involve tools to support:

– Confidence.

– Self-esteem.

– Healthy coping strategies.

– Developing beneficial habits for long-term benefits.

For more information on the service please see our 

PCN Mental Health Team Leaflet

Mental Health Team Podcast ‘Talk About It’

Meet The Team

Jessie Bright – Health and Wellbeing coach


Jan Haskings – Health and Wellbeing Coach

Claire O’Toole – Health and Wellbeing Coach

Simon Mitchell – Health and Wellbeing Coach


Cheryl Elliot – Social Prescribing Link Worker


Abby Dawson – Senior Health and Wellbeing Coach

Date published: 1st April, 2022
Date last updated: 30th August, 2023