The Beacon Medical Centre

Mental Health and Wellbeing

If you are experiencing mental health difficulties please feel welcome to discuss this with a member of our team. Find out about more support here.

HOSMS Mental Health Team

The PCN Mental Health Team aims to promote positive mental health and to support individuals to move from surviving to thriving, using a goal setting approach to help you feel ... [continue] HOSMS Mental Health Team

Your Mental Health and Wellbeing

Find out more about how you are feeling

Urgent mental health support

If you need help for a mental health crisis, emergency or breakdown, you should get immediate expert advice and assessment. Click here for further details

Local Mental Health Support

There are a wide range of organisations to help improve your mental health and well being. 

Mental Health for Children and Young Adults

There are many charities and agencies to help children and young adults with their mental health. Find out more here

Mental Health Helplines

Whether you’re concerned about yourself or a loved one, the NHS website can direct you to helplines and support groups who can offer expert advice.

Healthy Living and Wellbeing

Mental Health can be improved significantly by following a healthy lifestyle, but we know it is not always easy to get started. Find out who can help.

Date published: 6th June, 2020
Date last updated: 10th June, 2020