The Beacon Medical Centre

Family Planning

Advice on contraception can be found here.

Our GPs and Practice Nurses can offer a wide range of advice concerning contraception and sexual health matters.

In addition to prescribing contraception medication we can also fit contraception coils.

If you would like to consider a coil fit or need a coil re-fit you will need to book a telephone consultation with one of the GP’s who provide this service first.

Unfortunately we can no longer fit or remove contraception implants. If you would like a contraception implant you can have these fitted at one of the Devon sexual health clinics. Visit here to find out more. These clinics can also offer advice, testing and treatment of sexual health conditions including infections.

If you are considering pregnancy in the near future we offer preconception counselling and dietary advice to prepare you for a healthy pregnancy.

For more information on contraception, please visit the Family Planning Association website

Date published: 4th June, 2020
Date last updated: 26th August, 2020