The Beacon Medical Centre

HOMS Pharmacy Team

Debbie Marriott – Lead Clinical Pharmacist and Non-Medical Prescriber (NMP) 

Debbie has worked in pharmacy for 34 years in primary and secondary care. Debbie provides a structured medication review service available for anyone who takes regular medications. The aim of the review is to ensure individuals understand and agree with their treatment plan. You can discuss if your medications are right for you, working effectively and not causing any problems or interactions that could be avoided.


Beth Milverton– Senior Pharmacy Technician

Beth has worked in secondary care for 8 years, enjoying 5 years working within a Mental Health NHS Trust. She is supporting patients via telephone appointments to synchronise their medication supplies, counselling on medicine administration and providing advice to those struggling with complex medication regimes.



Emily Riddiford – Clinical Pharmacist and Non-Medical Prescriber (NMP)

Emily has worked for four years within community pharmacy and 6 years as a specialist mental health pharmacist within secondary care. Currently, alongside her mental health role, she is undertaking a part time secondment at HOSMS PCN until June 2021.



Emma Blackwood- Clinical Pharmacist

Emma is a newly qualified pharmacist working at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital. She is with the team two days a week until August 2021 helping the team with patient safety actions including a review of respiratory medicines

Date published: 26th April, 2021
Date last updated: 26th April, 2021