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Sid Valley Practice Catchment Area Change

Please see attached News Release

News release – Newton Poppleford

I would like to register with Sid Valley Practice – how do I do that?

The quickest and simplest way is by registering online. The website address for registrations is

If you cannot access the internet, telephone us on 01395 512601 to make a request by post and we will send you a registration pack.

Once you have registered, your records will be automatically sent electronically to Sid Valley Practice.

How soon can I register?

You can register with Sid Valley Practice from 4th January 2022.

January is a very busy time and if a large number of people decide to register with Sid Valley Practice, we will process the paperwork as soon as possible, but please be patient during this process as we will be limited in how many registrations we can process per week.

We will let you know when you are registered with the practice. Until such time as you receive this notification you will remain registered with Coleridge Medical Centre and should therefore continue to approach them for your medical needs / prescriptions.