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Latest COVID-19 Vaccination Update


More than half of Sidmouth’s residents have received their first COVID 19 vaccination!

Last week we vaccinated over 1000 patients in our clinics at Exmouth and the Beacon, another brilliant acheivement made possible by our fabulous Sid Valley Practice staff and amazing volunteers. Thank you to everyone who gave up their free time to assist us last weekend.

Many patients have sent the practice enquiries about eligibility for Covid Vaccination. We understand why people have approached us asking if they can have a vaccine before they are eligible for one in the NHS vaccination plan. Regrettably, we are not allowed to vaccinate people until their cohort is being called nationally for a vaccination, even if this seems unfair to us and our patients.

We hope you will understand this is a National NHS decision and not one the practice is in a position to change. We will continue to do  all we can to vaccinate our eligible patients both at Exmouth Vaccination centre and here at the Beacon Medical Centre. 

We continue to work with Practices across East Devon to deliver Covid Vaccines at the East Devon Covid Vaccination Centre, based at the LED Exmouth Tennis Centre and whenever possible bring the vaccines to our own Beacon Medical Centre.

As the supply of vaccine is growing, we will be working through the cohort groups and contacting patients as soon as their turn arises.

Please do not call us – we will contact you with your invitation.

Click here for our COVID Vaccine Leaflet and information about the Exmouth Vaccination Centre

Links to the most common patient FAQs can be found here


Now that more doses of Covid-19 vaccines are available, the NHS is able to open more vaccination services including Taunton Vaccination Centre  and the Exeter vaccination Centre at West Point.  This is a great step towards offering more people access to the vaccination.

You may receive a letter from the national NHS Covid-19 Vaccination Booking Service inviting you to book an appointment at one of these mass centres.

If you, a friend, relative or neighbour gets one of these letters, you can now opt to receive your vaccination via one of these sites OR, you can choose be vaccinated by the GP – run service based in Sidmouth or Exmouth.

If you receive a letter from the national NHS Covid-19 Vaccination Booking Service it DOES NOT mean that your Practice has crossed you off their list. You WILL definitely still be invited when your turn arises. In this way, you now have two options when deciding how to get your vaccination.

Sid Valley Practice will continue to have regular deliveries of vaccines and we will be working hard to get through all our patients following the cohort groups set out by the government.