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Flu Appointments for patients aged 65 years and over. We are awaiting further updates from the manufacturers with regards to our next delivery date, before we can offer any further appointments.  Watch this space!

If you are aged between 50-64 or have a serious underlying health condition which entitles you to a free flu vaccine you can book your flu vaccine appointment either online or by calling the surgery, as this vaccine differs from the aged 65 and above flu vaccine.


We are planning, where possible, to give the Covid booster vaccination alongside the flu vaccination. We will be inviting patients in cohorts like we did with the previous Covid vaccination programme. We can only provide the Covid booster vaccination if there has been 6 months between the date of your 2nd Covid vaccination and the 3rd booster vaccination. 

We will contact patients as they become eligible and when we have capacity to provide vaccinations. Please wait to be invited and do not contact us to book unless you have already been invited by the surgery so we can better manage the demand and pressure on our phone lines. 

Your invite might be by phone, letter, SMS (text) or email. If by SMS or email you will receive a link to a webpage to book your appointment online. If possible, please try to book using this method, again to reduce demand on our phonelines and at reception.  


Most people will be offered a booster dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine or Moderna vaccine.

Sid Valley Practice will only be offering the Pfizer vaccine.

This means your booster dose may be different from the vaccines you had for your 1st and 2nd doses.