The Beacon Medical Centre

Disabled access

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There is good access for the disabled to all of our consultation rooms and toilet facilities. A designated parking bay is adjacent to the surgery entrance and the surgery has a ramp and wide doors to allow for wheelchair access.

We have a wheelchair on both sites to assist patients with mobility problems. Wheelchair users who encounter any difficulties or need help should alert one of our team so we can facilitate your visit to the surgery.

Beacon Medical Centre has a passenger lift to transport patients to and from the first floor.

We are aware some people are reliant on bus transportation and that bus passes are not valid at all times of the day. If your travel is restricted as a result of this please let us know so we can offer you an appointment at a time when you will be able to attend.


Patients can request sign language interpreters, please let us know in advance of your appointment. We will do our best to arrange one wherever possible.

Patients who are deaf can email the health centre about appointments. Consultations can be extended to allow time for written communication with the doctor or nurse. AccuRx can also be an efficient way to communicate with the surgery to get the advice you need.


Patients who are registered blind can bring their guide dogs onto the premises.

Large A3 size copies of patient information literature can be printed on our photocopiers if requested. We can also enlarge the font of our letter communications or print on different coloured paper to make for better reading experiences.

Learning disability

We aim to support people with learning disabilities and recognise it can be difficult to access and engage with health services. We offer our patients with learning disabilities an annual health check and an action plan to address issues identified during the health check.

We are able to involve a learning disability nurse from the community learning disability team to help you access your health appointments. We can also offer extended consultations so that there is time for us to effectively communicate with you and address your needs.


Date published: 1st February, 2023
Date last updated: 1st February, 2023